Although instinct can help Avon, IN drivers avoid or resolve a host of problems, your first instincts can get you into trouble when you start sliding on an icy road. Countless people attempt to correct this problem by jamming on their brakes and frantically jerking their wheels in the wrong direction. At Champion Chevrolet, we want to make responding to these often terrifying events both easier and safer.

Start Your Trip With the Right Winter Accessories

You're far less likely to lose control on slick, ice-covered streets when you have the right winter tires. Studded winter tires will bite deeply into ice coatings. With these, your vehicle isn't likely to start sliding as long as you're traveling at a reasonable speed. Studless winter tires can make crossing slushy, snow terrain a bit easier as well. These tires have a more aggressive and significantly deeper tread pattern than summer tires. In the right conditions, they'll provide adequate traction when you need it most.

Never Use Your Brakes to Correct a Slide

Braking won't help you stop a slide. In fact, the continued momentum of your wheels is of the utmost importance. Simply ease up off the gas pedal as soon as you notice that you're losing control. Then, turn your steering wheel in the very same direction in which your back wheels are traveling. You don't have to make an exaggerated turn to fix a seemingly big problem. Making slight changes in your steering direction while naturally decreasing your speed should set you back on course.

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