Sharing the road with bicyclists comes with an added responsibility for drivers in Avon, IN. A heightened awareness of their movements while still observing other cars is a big undertaking, even for the most experienced driver. And Champion Chevrolet wants you to be safe and do all you can to keep others safe on the road.

As soon as a bicyclist is within your visual presence, change your mindset from being an alert driver to being high alert. It doesn't matter how far away they are. Because bicyclists are quick and can veer between traffic easily, you should remain on high alert until you are sure the risk is completely gone. Slowing down is always good. In fact, being prepared to stop at any moment is something to consider, especially when the bicyclists are children.

Often, bicyclists around Indianapolis, IN use hand signals to alert drivers of their actions. It's to your benefit and a bicyclist's safety to learn what they mean.

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